Comprehensive Nonprofit Marketing Strategy to Meet Multiple Goals

For organizations designed to operate without profit, marketing is often seen as an unnecessary expense. The gap between spending on marketing – and the corresponding results – by for-profit corporations and nonprofit organizations is substantial. It is often a philosophical difference. Corporations believe they exist to make money. Nonprofits believe they exist to perform the work of their mission. But where will the resources to do that important work come from without effective marketing?

Employing an Integrated Nonprofit Marketing Strategy

An integrated marketing strategy will tie together all nonprofit communications with a unified approach and consistent branding. While marketing functions often exist in different departments in an organization – fundraising communications in the development department and volunteer recruitment communications in the program department, for example – it is possible to create a comprehensive marketing plan to reach all stakeholders (groups that have a meaningful interest in the organization, such as donors, volunteers, employees, board members and governmental agencies).

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