How 2021 Became the Year of Financial Change

This past year has certainly seen a lot of up and down and a lot of difficult times for those who have been exposed to the pandemic in a wider way – with a recovery period on the way though 2021 has certainly held a lot of news regarding different financial markets that have helped many on their own path to recovery too. But where have the biggest financial opportunities been found, and will they stick around for a longer period of time to continue to provide opportunities to those willing to explore them?

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An explosion for retail traders – Certainly the biggest and most impactful change had come for retail traders with the entire Game Stop short squeeze drama that is seemingly showing no signs of slowing down as week after week it seems to be the next step along in the chain of events. One thing it has done however is provide a growing number of options for those looking to explore retail trading and all of the benefits that come with it, and with more scrutiny now on the biggest platforms given their own failures throughout the start of this year already, and it may improve the platforms enough that even those with little to no understanding could gain their own way to approach the wider market.

Big changes for crypto too – The volatile market has become a go to for many looking to improve their own finances, whilst it can be difficult to get started on, and has inherent risks, the pay-out can certainly be exciting particularly as bitcoin has been able to peak $60,000 twice this year already. Opportunities are only growing for crypto too as different markets have started to become more accepting of the currency – the biggest is certainly within the online gaming market as no limit casinos like these welcome it, but even more established names like Tesla have recently stated they’re willing to accept Bitcoin as a form of payment for their cars for example.

An expansion for other online services – A shift towards remote working and changing opportunities have allowed many to set up on their own, and a great financial independence change has always been to have your own business. Different online platforms like Fiverr have provided an opportunity for professionals to do that and will be a huge factor in helping those looking to gain financial independence by going it on their own, and the timing seems better than ever as many look to fill the gaps left by those businesses that are unable to remain open throughout the past year that has been a difficult time for many.